Rodrigo Bocardi

Rodrigo Bocardi

Rodrigo Bocardi began his career as a journalist with Brazilian television network Bandeirantes. Later, he was invited to be Globo News director of global economy. In 2003 he left TV Globo to work as a journalist in the state television of Angola where he stayed until 2004.

In 2009, he returned to Globo TV Brazil but was soon was invited to work as the international correspondent in the New York office. He returned to Brazil in 2013 to anchor the morning news in the State of São Paulo. He also had some participation as anchor of the National morning news.

He was so successful that in the same year he was invited to be the anchor of TV Globo afternoon news. Still in December 2013, Rodrigo Bocardi started to substitute the famous morning lead anchor on the national morning news. Today, he is responsible for TV Globo morning news as a local commentator and journalist for the State of São Paulo.