Ricardo Bellino

Ricardo Bellino

People who met Brazilian businessman Ricardo Bellino certainly considered him crazy. At age 21, he was committed to take mega American model agency Elite to Brazil. However, he could barely speak English and didn’t have a penny in his pocket!

Bellino bet on this crazy idea, dropped out of college where he studied Economy, moved to Sao Paulo and was so successful that he become a personal friend of John Casablancas – the owner of Elite. Bellino also took the breast cancer t-shirt campaign to Brazil, placing the famous target symbol on the breast of millions of Brazilian women.

He then created the first virtual model, Webbie Tookay, a worldwide success and star of a Nokia campaign.

At age 38, the businessman faced his biggest challenge, which was to sell an idea to American billionaire Donald Trump during a 3 minute meeting!

Author of the books: The Power of Ideas, the Soup of Stones, 3 Minutes to Success, Midas and Sadim and School of Life, Bellino does not stop. He is always after a new idea to implement.